RJ Lee Group’s COO, Alex Sciulli, Featured in Smart Business Pittsburgh Article

President and chief operating officer, Alex Sciulli, recently had the honor of being interviewed for an article in the locally-based publication, Smart Business Pittsburgh.  The article, entitled “Working Chemistry: How to Build Connections between Employees and Customers” explores employee-client relationships.  When asked how he teaches RJ Lee Group employees how to interact with their respective clients, Alex advises employees to focus on the client’s needs.  “When I’ve gone on sales calls with junior people, they want to say something about the company or something they’ve done previously. What the customer really wants is, ‘Tell me how you would solve that problem.’” 

Mr. Sciulli’s motto, when it comes to interacting with different clients, is to be personable and focused.  The delicate balance of what the client needs and how they should be approached is a science that Mr. Sciulli has perfected.  Mr. Sciulli eloquently sums up his experience at the end of the article, saying, “Part of the business acumen of how this all comes together is as you get to know your staff and you get to know the personalities, you can tell who you should bring to the meeting for a particular client.”

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