AIHce 2012 – American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo

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June 18

2:40 to 3:00 PM – “Multiple Magnification Analysis for Unbound Engineered Nanoparticles Using High-Resolution Electron Microscopy (HR-EM)”, Nanotechnology: Assessment and Control Podium Session

At this presentation, RJ Lee Group’s Keith Rickabaugh will present a solution for a lower cost and easy-to-use sampling and analysis approach for unbound engineered nanoparticles (UNP) using high resolution electron microscopy (HR-EM) techniques.  Many sampling methods for performing work place evaluations for the potential release of unbound engineered nanoparticles (UNP) in the workplace have interferences and do not provide information about the abundance, size and agglomeration state that are specific for engineered nanoparticles of interest.  The HR-EM method presented by Mr. Rickabaugh can detect engineered nanoparticles in the workplace where previously inconclusive or “non-detect” results were observed in areas suspected to have a potential for airborne release.

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