Learn How to Properly Implement NSSGA Guidelines at the International Conference on Medical Geology

I’ll be presenting at this year’s International Conference on Medical Geology and I hope to see you there!  This conference is going to be great because the subject matter really has implications beyond academia.

While much of the conference will be focusing on how to identify and address existing medical geology concerns, I will be presenting “The Implementation of the NSSGA Mineral Identification and Management Guide for Mineral Site Assessments,” in which I will offer a different perspective — how to implement a proactive plan that can help limit the possibility of future litigation.

  • Do you know the differences between asbestos and non-asbestos minerals — and why it is so important to get that distinction correct?
  • Do you know the advantages of proactively performing due diligence and how scientifically sound due diligence can reduce your company’s risk?
  • Do you know what types of mining sites the NSSGA guidelines apply to?  (Hint:  it isn’t only aggregate mines!)
  • Do you know what role geological modeling and mapping play in helping to strategize and minimize risk?
  • Do you know each of the steps involved — and how to perform each step — in order to properly implement the NSSGA guidelines?

You will learn about these topics and more during the presentation.  The presentation is on Tuesday, August 27 at 4:30 p.m. during session number 33.

If you want to meet at the conference or just have any questions, just drop me a line!

Drew R. Van Orden, P.E.

About Drew R. Van Orden, P.E.

Mr. Drew Van Orden is a Registered Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience developing asbestos analytical methods, analyzing asbestos-containing materials, and conducting studies to measure the potential asbestos release from asbestos-containing materials. While at RJ Lee Group, Mr. Van Orden has participated in a number of large national evaluations of ambient asbestos concentration studies, evaluated a number of mines and quarries, and has participated in the ISP talc methods committee since 2011. Mr. Van Orden has testified in state and federal courts in numerous asbestos cases and has published in peer-reviewed literature.

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