Attend the Upcoming AIPG Annual Conference to Gain Unbiased Insights to the Future of Energy

In preparation for the upcoming AIPG 50th Annual Conference, we took some time to discuss the conference with our Senior Geologist, Dan Linder.  Read on for his insights on the hot topics at this year’s conference.

What are you personally most excited about at the conference?

The AIPG represents so many aspects of geology that it always attracts a wide audience. You’ll find professionals from all branches of science, industry, academia, and government attending the sessions. It’s the perfect venue to express your point of view and get excellent peer feedback.

Do you have any particular things you’ll be looking forward to?

There’ll be colleagues I’ll want to meet up with, of course, and I’ve targeted some presentations I want to attend. It’ll also give me a chance to network RJ Lee Group’s geological services. We’re the new kid on the block in field services and I don‘t think a lot of those attending know that. Oh! And I’m also looking forward to going on one of the organized field trips that take advantage of Colorado’s unique geological setting.


What topics or trends in this space do you think will dominate the discussion at this conference?

Well the conference title is “Geology Serving Society” so there’ll be a lot concerning resource development, geological hazards, mining, environmental issues, oil and gas and other energy topic as well as traditional subjects.

Can you talk a little bit about your take on those topics/trends?

Sometimes actions associated with mining are negatively represented and that’s all the public is privy to. People think about worker safety or environmental conditions when you mention mining. But the other side of the coin is that there are regulations that ensure worker health and limit pollution. Personally, I believe that smart geological work does provide a service to society and my presentations will explore those benefits.

What should visitors to the conference or the conference website (if not attending) read beforehand?

Ha! That’s an easy one! I’d recommend that visitors read the abstracts for my presentations. Seriously, there are so many presentations of interest that a visitor could get a good sense of which ones to attend by checking out other abstracts as well.

Finally, and most importantly, I see that you are delivering 3 presentations, entitled:

  1. The proper implementation of the NSSGA Mineral Identification and Management Guide for mineral site assessments
  2. The often overlooked use of polarized light microscopy in the mining industry
  3. 3D digital block modeling and 4D mine plans

I’ve read through the abstracts, but I was wondering if you could give a sneak peek – at a less technical level – at what you’ll be covering?

  1. In 2009 the NSSGA published guidelines to help protect both workers and industry from potential issues regarding asbestos during mining. I will be offering a different perspective — how to implement a proactive plan that can help limit the possibility of future litigation.
  2. How the powerful tool of Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) is instrumental in identifying various issues at a mine site in addition to the identification of asbestos.
  3. How the creative use of TECHBASE® software can facilitate understanding of subsurface geology through the design and construction of 3D block models, a skill not often, if ever, employed in the aggregate industry.

Are there attendees from specific sectors who you think might get more out of the presentation than others? 

I think everyone associated with geological endeavors would benefit from my presentations, of course. However, probably those involved in the mining industry, whether geologists, government or mine management, will benefit the most from ideas presented and come away having learned something new.

Are there any other unique details, teasers, etc. that you think might interest our readers?

If you’ve never considered using 3D Block Modeling in the aggregate mining industry, I guarantee that attending my presentation will make you think twice. It may even change your mind!

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