RJ Lee Group Debuts as PTR-MS Distributor at PITTCON 2014

RJ Lee Group, Inc., the premier industrial forensic laboratory, will join IONICON Analytik, the world’s leading producer of ultra-sensitive, real-time trace gas analyzers, at PITTCON 2014 in Chicago for the first time since becoming their U.S. distributor. Dr. Jim Conca and Dr. Todd Rogers, experts in proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS), will be together in Booth #1619 with the lead scientists of IONICON to demonstrate the PTR-MS and discuss the research and process monitoring applications of all the proton transfer reaction systems, both quadrupole and time-of-flight.

Have an Application Challenge?

This is your opportunity to discuss your application with those who first commercialized the PTR-MS technology and who have been improving it ever since. Experts will be on hand to demonstrate how this technology works and why it is the best solution for real-time quantitative trace gas analysis. Demonstrations using the instrument on display in the booth, will focus on both research and industrial applications to measure trace gas concentrations down to the pptv levels in real time in ambient air with no sample preparation. You’ll also be among the first to learn about the new DHS security and explosives applications using either fixed stations or mobile field laboratories.

For those who are interested in the mobile field lab version PTR-MS for VOC monitoring, check out the video below to learn about the mobile lab’s outfitting, operation, and applications. If you are interested and would like to learn more about the mobile field lab or its applications meet with Dr. Jim Conca at Booth #1619, for a one-on-one discussion of how the PTR-MS technology can work for you.

PITTCON 2014 will be held March 3 – 6, 2014 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. IONICON Analytik and RJ Lee Group will host Booth #1619, Monday – Wednesday, 9am-5pm and Thursday, 9am-3pm. We invite you to visit us and discover how PTR-MS technology can best meet your application or research needs.


Can’t make it to PITTCON but still want to learn the latest PTR-MS technologies, techniques, and applications? Then join RJ Lee Group and IONICON Analytik for a free 2-day workshop! We’ve assembled the leaders in air and gas analysis for an exciting 2-day workshop on March 10-11, 2014 in Pasco, WA.

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