MS&T 2014 – Materials Science & Technology Conference

Something for Everyone at MS&T 2014

Some of RJ Lee Group’s brightest and best will be presenting at MS&T 2014. With subjects that range from nanotechnology and additive manufacturing to the accelerated lifetime testing of high performance concrete, they will present case studies, discuss new technologies, and offer approaches that address current materials and processes issues and needs.

Material Challenges in Assessing Long-Term Environmental Durability of High Performance Concrete using Standard Accelerated Tests

Dr. Matthew J. Perricone

Date: Thursday, October 14 – Degradation of Nonmetallic Materials symposium

Audience: Concrete manufacturers, High Performance Concrete Users, Railroad Engineers, Structural Engineers, Materials Scientists, Government regulators, anyone performing accelerated life simulations, and/or concerned with failure analysis.

Dr. Perricone will address the unique technical challenges of evaluating high performance concrete using standard accelerated lifetime testing. His presentation will focus on accelerated testing issues within the materials science community in general and in concrete materials specifically. His case study will highlight the impact of testing parameters on the results of these simulations – and will demonstrate the necessity of validating test results relative to known real world performance.

Product Lifecycle Assessment: Analytical Approaches for Nanotechnology

Mr. Mark Sparrow, Dr. Crystal Morrison, Dr. Kristin Bunker, and Mr. John Mastovich

Date:   Wednesday, October 13, 4:40 PM – 5:00 PM

Audience: Materials scientists, biology and biotechnology researchers, polymer scientists, medical researchers

The development of modern miniaturized devices lends itself to using advanced materials and fabrication methods, including novel nanomaterials. Mr. Sparrow will use case studies on biotech and nanotech applications to provide a clear strategy for “seeing” across the lifecycle of a product, and will address questions from product design and performance to failure analysis

Understanding Polymer Properties for Additively Manufactured Medical Devices

Dr. Crystal Morrison

Date: Thursday, October 14,  11:40 AM, Room 334

Audience: Materials/Polymer Suppliers, Medical Device Manufacturers, Orthopedic Surgeons, Regulatory Agencies

Dr. Morrison will discuss emerging considerations at the intersection of medicine, materials and additive manufacturing including how polymer characteristics may differ when subjected to AM processes, characterization methods to consider, and how properties may impact regulatory requirements.

Towards an Automated Particle Analysis of Fibrous Material

C.M. Hefferan, D. Oliphant, H. Lentz, M.S. Potter, G.S. Casuccio, R.J. Lee

Date:   Monday, October 11, 2:00 PM

Audience:       Construction, Microscopists

Dr. Hefferan will explore progress towards an automated fiber analysis to resolve objects on small length scales, such as asbestos fibers, based upon shape recognition using field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM). With the ability to scan large areas at high magnification, the FE-SEM offers a potentially unique platform for an automated analysis of complex particulate.

Spatially Resolved Critical Events in Bulk Microstructures

C.M. Hefferan, S.F. Li, J. Lind, D. Menasche, U. Lienert, A.D. Rollett, R.M. Suter, R. Pokharel

Date:   Wednesday, October 13,  10:00 AM

Audience:       Metallurgists, R&D

Dr. Hefferan uses High Energy X-ray Diffraction Microscopy (HEDM) to measure highly localized, singular events in bulk microstructures, such as grain nucleation during recrystallization, in the context of annealing.

Don’t miss out on this year’s fascinating presentations at MS&T 2014. We hope to see you at booth #431!