Hank Lentz to Present ASCAT Paper at AIST 2017

Hank Lentz of RJ Lee Group will presenting a paper, “Detection, Measurement and Characterization of Inclusions Using Automated SEM Techniques” at the Inclusion Analysis program for AIST 2017. The presentation will focus on Metallurgy – Steelmaking and Casting, using the RJ Lee Group ASCAT technology. The paper was written by: Henry (Hank) Lentz, RJ Lee Group; Mike Potter, RJ Lee Group; Scott Story, U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center; and Gary Casuccio, RJ Lee Group.

The analysis of inclusions using computer-controlled scanning electron microscopes (CCSEM) has become a standard practice in many steel companies. However, automation of this type has a tendency to be viewed as a “black box,” and as such, it is not always obvious to the technician/researcher how the analysis is being performed and why. The steel industry is looking to further the use of automated SEM inclusion analysis techniques to make better, stronger and cleaner steel, and will need to harness the power of CCSEM. This paper focuses on the key analytical parameters utilized in an CCSEM inclusion analysis, including: magnification; accelerating voltage; dwell time; inclusion detection threshold settings; sizing of inclusions; x-ray analysis and scaling of the data and how they are used to developed a recipe for an analysis. The paper also reviews the trade-offs inherent in the existing technology as well as visions for the future.