RJ Lee Group, TESCAN and Bruker Steel Inclusion Workshop Focusing on Automated SEM Analysis and Advanced Microanalysis Technology


The characterization of inclusions is a critical component of process monitoring and quality control for the steel industry. Automated SEM analysis is playing an ever increasing role in the analysis of inclusions and is evolving into a standard practice in the steel industry.  RJ Lee Group has pioneered the development and evolution of computer controlled scanning electron microscopy (CCSEM) for over three decades, conveying unique state-of-the-science analytical approaches that provide solutions to the most difficult analytical challenges.

RJ Lee Group, is partnering with TESCAN USA and Bruker to host a workshop on automated inclusion analysis with presentations on the past, present and future related to inclusion analysis using CCSEM technology.  There will be hands-on access to TESCAN field emission (Mira3) and Tungsten source (Vega3) SEMs as well as Bruker X-ray analysis instruments including the new Bruker FlatQUAD silicon drift detector (SDD), electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis and Micro-XRF for SEM applications.


Dec. 4-5: Presentations, demonstrations and ‘hands-on’ access to the instrumentation

Dec. 6: Instrument availability for attendees who wish to spend more time on sample analysis

Please be aware that this workshop will be limited to 25 people so that there is sufficient time for the attendees to have hands on access to the instrumentation.

To register for the workshop, please contact Mike Potter by phone at 724-387-1940 or by clicking the button below:

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