New Publication By RJLG’s Concrete Expert Dr. Eric Giannini

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  • 10:47AM Jan 17, 2018

Dr. Eric R. Giannini, RJ Lee Group’s expert in concrete durability, test method development, and nondestructive testing, has co-authored a new publication in Elsevier: Construction & Building Materials. The article is titled “Characterization of Concrete Affected by Delayed Ettringite Formation Using the Stiffness Damage Test”.
In this publication, Dr. Giannini and his colleagues apply the stiffness damage test (SDT) and new analysis procedures developed by Leandro Sanchez to concrete damaged by delayed ettringite formation (DEF). These tools have been heavily studied for their application to alkali-silica reaction (ASR)-damaged concrete, and it is their conclusion that they may be even better at characterizing damage from DEF.
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