David R. Riley, Ph.D. Welcomed as New Chief Operating Officer of RJ Lee Group

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  • 10:12AM May 21, 2018

Dr. Rich Lee, CEO of RJ Lee Group, is pleased to introduce David R. Riley, Ph.D. as the company’s newly appointed Chief Operating Officer.  Dr. Riley will lead the company’s operational management systems to execute a successful, sustaining, quality-focused operational plan. He has extensive experience in basic and applied science, systems engineering, research and development, and progressive management in laboratory operations that will help advance RJ Lee Group as a more progressive and customer-focused organization. Throughout his career, he has been a transformative leader and progressive researcher in support of the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Navy, and International business.
Dr. Lee is enthusiastic in his praise, stating, “Dr. Riley brings the combination of leadership, technical and management skills that will be key to the long-term growth and profitability of the RJ Lee Group in today’s rapidly evolving, complex environment.”
Dr. Riley became a leader in multi-discipline, applied science by engaging teams over three decades to solve complex scientific, engineering, and systems integration problems. Dr. Riley shares, “Out of necessity, modern scientific and progressive research requires many disciplines to address material and system performance in increasing harsh and demanding environments.  With a collective multi-disciplined approach towards problem solving, technology can progress effectively and bridge the gap between product development and product acquisition.”
Dr. Riley earned his Bachelor’s degree in Analytical Chemistry from West Virginia University, Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin, and performed Post-Doctorate research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
For five years prior to joining RJ Lee Group, Dr. Riley served as a P&L Division President of a Fortune 50 Corporation, where he led a comprehensive P&L business transformation leading to nearly doubling annual orders, operating income, and profitability.  Prior to that role, he served as the Executive Manager of the Nuclear Engineering and Operations Department of the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory for six years, and contributed in other key leadership positions in Bettis’ Materials Technology Department for twelve years.  During his Bettis career, he published in peer reviewed journals, chaired the Bettis Senior Operations Leadership Council, Nuclear Management Team, and served as the Executive Director of the Bettis Emergency Control Center.
Dr. Riley plans on collaborating with company leaders at RJ Lee Group to craft a progressive strategic vision that will capture the imagination and mission needs of our customers, clients, and employees. “We are looking to attain achievable, challenging operational improvements in our work processes that will lead to growth and prosperity. My objective is to help the company move forward while retaining the energy, vibrancy, creativity and ingenuity of world-renown scientists and personnel, while providing more opportunities for the company to increase its effectiveness and opportunities.”
We look forward to working with Dr. Riley to grow and prosper by leveraging the experience, innovation and progressive perspectives he brings forward to our unique and creative scientific company. For more information, please contact RJ Lee Group.