National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference (NAAMC)

Join us at the 2018 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference (NAAMC) on August 13th in Portland, Oregon. Our experts will be exhibiting our air quality monitoring capabilities, specifically, the proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry (PTR-MS). Whether your previous air monitoring experience spans months, years, or decades, this conference will provide you with the skills and information to help prepare for the future challenges of air monitoring.

The conference is intended to provide a national and international forum for EPA, State, local, tribal, international and other agencies who are involved in implementing criteria pollutant and air toxics monitoring programs.  This conference will provide a forum for discussing the implementation of ambient air monitoring changes to the monitoring networks as a result of revisions to the NAAQS and ambient air monitoring regulations.

Stop by and learn about the PTR-MS. To read more about this event, please click here.