Donald Ewert

Don Ewert for websiteDon Ewert is a consulting Occupational Health Specialist with RJ Lee Group, having practiced in the field of Industrial Hygiene for more than 30 years. His educational background and career expertise also include Toxicology, Epidemiology and Medical Management along with years of practice as an OSHA/EPA and DEP-certified trainer in asbestos, lead, and safety.  His comprehensive OEHS expertise has received international recognition for the creation of leading-edge OEHS programs, including development of occupational health banding systems, program audit processes, quantitative validation of containment systems, approaches to engineering control, and the conduct of toxic and highly complex exposure assessments. Don has developed hundreds of OEHS management systems and supervised a wide range of occupational and environmental remediation projects involving industrial, commercial, and governmental installations. He has also served as industry liaison to Pinnacol Assurance and as Research Scholar in the Center for Environmental Toxicology and Technology.

Mr. Ewert has either participated in, or had his work become the basis for, international guidance and major laws involving a wide range of OEHS issues. As a frequent presenter on the Occupational Environmental Health and Safety Life Cycle, he has organized advanced training programs, taken part in a number of international forums, and served as contributing expert to hundreds of professional development meetings. Don was also part of an ongoing cohort study involving nanotechnology and was presented at NIOSH’s 2010 Keystone Conference. This work involves development of an international exposure and medical surveillance database consisting entirely of nanomaterial workers.

He is currently recognized as a peer-reviewed, full member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association as well as two prestigious toxicology societies: Occupational Toxicology Roundtable—an organization made up of professional pharmaceutical industry toxicologists—and Society of Toxicology, which requires 10 years of member-validated experience and expertise.  More recently, he received AIHA’s highest award for project excellence and serves as past chair of the Nanotechnology Working Group. His research findings are available in peer-reviewed journals and his OEHS program outreach is published across multimedia formats including webinars, magazines, and books. Don has also served as expert witness, testifying in a number of litigation cases involving toxic chemical exposures, for both property damage and personal injury claims.

Don’s focuses include:

Applications: Occupational Hygiene, Industrial Toxicology, OEHS Life Cycle Analysis, Spray-on Fireproofing containing Vermiculite (SOF-V), Vermiculite-Containing Materials, Naturally Occurring Asbestos, Occupational Health Banding, Respirable Crystalline Silica, Musculoskeletal Early Capture and Cost Containment Programs, BioPharma Containment Validation, cGMP Highly Potent Compounds, Occupational Exposure Levels (OEL) Derivations, FDA/IMEA Risk Management, ISPE Risk-MaPP & FMEA Investigations


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