Paul Ioannidis

Paul Ioannidis for webPaul Ioannidis has over 30 years of experience Laboratory Operations, Business Development and Customer Relations Management. He has helped create the Client Relationship Management Program within the RJ Lee Group, as well as working with the company’s management in creating and executing its Strategic Planning and growth program and formulating strategic partnerships. He works to bring the company’s technologies and services to both the domestic and international markets. Paul holds advanced degrees in Environmental Sciences and International Relations.

Paul’s expertise encompass a wide range of applications, from laboratory design and automation to providing turnkey mobile and stationary laboratory systems to commercial and governmental clients. His laboratory management expertise and management programs have been successfully applied in multiple laboratories operations, and his research and development efforts (focusing mostly on environmental studies, military pollutants, and chemical warfare materials and breakdown products) have been used extensively in both the domestic and international markets.

Paul’s focuses include:
Environmental Real-Time Air Monitoring Applications, Water/Soil/Waste Detection, Treatment and Compliance, Novel Analytical Technologies, Accreditation and Management Programs, Turnkey Laboratory Design and Implementation Systems

Tools and Techniques include:
Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Inductively Coupled Plasma, Spectroscopy, Ion Chromatography

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