Mode Specific Energy Disposal in the 4-Atom Reaction OH + D2 →HOD + D

Publication Information:

Strazisar, B. R., C. Lin, H. F. Davis, “Mode Specific Energy Disposal in the 4-Atom Reaction OH + D2 →HOD + D,” Science 290, 958-961, 2000.

Year: 2000


Experiments, employing crossed molecular beams, with vibrational state resolution have been performed on the simplest four-atom reaction, OH + D2 → HOD + D. In good agreement with the most recent quantum scattering predictions, mode-specific reaction dynamics is observed, with vibration in the newly formed oxygen-deuterium bond preferentially excited to v = 2. This demonstrates that quantum theoretical calculations, which in the past decade have achieved remarkable accuracy for three-atom reactions involving three dimensions, have progressed to the point where it is now possible to accurately predict energy disposal in four-atom reactions involving six dimensions.

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