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RJ Lee Group has more than 30 years of experience as an analytical service laboratory, offering a wide range of expertise across numerous industries. To search all laboratory services across all categories, please click here.

To view our range of services by category, please click on the following green links to view our offerings across a wide range of industries served as well as techniques and methodologies. Please contact us at 1.800.860.1775 option 5 with questions or concerns.

Industrial Hygiene Services Asbestos Analytical Services
Industrial Hygiene Profiles Construction Materials Laboratory Services
Environmental & Wet Chemistry Services Aggregate Testing
Inorganics Materials & Particulate Characterization
Drinking Water Pharmaceutical Analytical Services
Waste Water USP Testing
Solids & Hazardous Waste Forensic Particulate Characterization
Potable & Non-potable Water Automated Particulate Characterization
Organics Morphology & Content Uniformity Testing
Potable & Non-potable Water Surface Characterization
Solid & Hazardous Waste Criminal Forensics
Miscellaneous Lead Services Gunshot Residue (GSR) Analysis by SEM
Air & Emissions Additional Forensic Analytical Services
Sample Preparation Techniques Products
Mining & Minerals
Coal Mine Industry – Safety and Compliance

To order TEM, asbestos PCM, crystalline silica, NIOSH 7300, and hexavalent chromium cassettes and GSR sampling kits, please click here.

Our price list can be viewed by clicking here.

Industrial Hygiene Services

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Industrial Hygiene Profiles

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Environmental & Wet Chemistry

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Mining and Minerals

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Coal Mine Industry – Safety and Compliance Testing

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Asbestos Analytical Services

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Construction Materials Laboratory Materials

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Materials and Particulate Characterization

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Pharmaceuticals Analytical Services

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Criminal Forensics

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