Beryllium Services and Beryllium Metals Ratio Analysis

Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories are one of the only commercial labs in the country that offers digestion technology specifically aimed at the dissolution of a particularly dangerous, persistent, and difficult analyte: beryllium, particularly in the form of High Fired Beryllium Oxide (BeO). Our unique, accredited process for beryllium industrial hygiene analysis demonstrates quantitative dissolution of BeO versus traditional digestion techniques that only provide ~70% recovery on average, according to a 2009 round robin study conducted collaboratively by the Beryllium Health and Safety Committee and AIHA. We perform analysis of bulk samples, surface wipe samples, and air samples, all with detection limits more than 10 times lower than required by OSHA regulations.


In addition to our beryllium IH analysis we are the only commercial laboratory to offer a state of the art beryllium analysis technique known as Beryllium Metals Ratio Analysis (BeMR or “beamer”) that enables the differentiation between naturally occurring mineral beryllium in windblown dust (considered innocuous to human health) and extremely hazardous and harmful “man-made” forms of beryllium. Proprietary digestion, analytical and interpretive methodology provides a robust and sensitive analysis with detection limits an order of magnitude or more below OSHA exposure limits while simultaneously identifying the nature of the beryllium contamination found. The ability to differentiate harmful from inert forms of beryllium enables IH professionals to better protect their employees and provides an opportunity to reduce wasted time and money spent on unnecessary decontamination.

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