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James B. Duncan, Ph.D.

Consulting Scientist

Dr. James Duncan has worked on the United States Department of Energy Hanford site for approximately 24 years. During that time, he worked as lead engineer for the 100 Area Pump and Treat feasibility tests to intercept chrome (VI) before entering the Columbia River and the salmon spawning areas. Dr. Duncan was responsible for the selection of unit operations to clarify the N Basin spent nuclear fuel pool for D&D. He also identified a resin to remove radioactive cesium from KE Basin, allowing closure. During his time at the 222-S Laboratory, he instituted the electrochemical corrosion effort, which included designing and proofing an electrochemical reaction cell specific to the hot cell environment.

Most recently, he was requested to serve as a consulting engineer to the 2W Pump and Treat Facility for specific unit operations during cold startup. He has researched the efficacy of Sn(II)apatite for the reduction and sequestration of pertechnetate, which will keep the radionuclide from being mobile in the the vadose zone and groundwater. His most recent efforts have included characterization of the reducing capacity of Sn(II)apatite, and a method to allow the quantitation of nonpertechnetate species in Hanford tanks, which will be important to waste processing.


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