Geotechnical Services

RJ Lee Group’s geotechnical division supports a diverse array of geotechnical tests and exploratory soil core logging at the Hanford Site. A Department of Energy (DOE) cleanup of the (1,450 km2) decommissioned nuclear production complex. This work helps further our understanding of ground water flow and the transport of contaminants in the soil. Geo-technical work is crucial in developing accurate predictive mathematical models for a range of scales from regional to microscopic including a full range of geochemical and microbial reactions. When all of this information is combined we can predict future risks posed by the contaminants in the soils found on the site.


A list of the methods available at the present time are listed below.  If a client is interested in something specific beyond the list that is given, we can consider adding it to our available list of analyses.

  • Visual-Manual Identification of Soils (ASTM D2488-09a)
  • Water/Moisture Content of Soil and Rock by Mass (ASTM D2216-10)
  • Density of Soil in Place by Drive Cylinder (ASTM D2937-10)
  • Specific Gravity of Soils by Water Pycnometer (ASTM D854-14)
  • Particle Size Distribution, Hydrometer (ASTM D421-85 sample prep. ASTM D8422-63 test procedure)
  • Permeability of Granular Soils, Constant Head Rigid Wall (ASTM D2434-68)
  • Permeability of Fine-Grained Soils, Falling Head, Flexible Wall (ASTM D2434-68
  • Rapid Determination of Carbonate Content of Soils (ASTM D4373-14)
  • Geologic Logging of Soils, Client required method based on (ASTM D2488-09a)

The geotechnical services division is located at RJ Lee Group's Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories division. Contact our experts at 509.545.4989 or by clicking the button below.

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