Construction Materials

RJ Lee Group is a unique, full-service laboratory with experienced consulting scientists in petrographic, chemical, and physical testing. We scientifically determine the root cause of degraded performance, including deterioration or structural failure.

Industrial Forensics Approach

  • Investigate: New and historic construction materials including concrete, mortar, brick, stone, tile, terracotta, pool plaster, aggregates and packaged repair products to determine the root cause of degraded performance, deterioration, or structural failure.
  • Support: We use our expertise in concrete and corrosion to support engineering firms in defining structural condition assessments of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Maintain: We evaluate and qualify your raw materials (cement, fly ash, GGBFS, aggregate, etc.) and provide quality assurance throughout the lifetime of your product. We investigate problems that occur during the construction process.


Petrographic Analysis and More

We use standard methods and both optical and modern scanning electron microscopy techniques to rapidly uncover the root cause of failure with standard ASTM, AASHTO, FHWA, DOT, BS EN, CSA methods.

  • Identify the most common causes of concrete failure:
    • ASR and ACR – Alkali Aggregate Reactions
    • DEF – Delayed Ettringite Formation
    • External sulfate attack
    • Chrloride intrusion
    • Free-thaw damage
  • Determine the “as-built" concrete mix design:
    • Identify supplementary cementitious materials (especially those with unique or unusual additives)
    • Determine actual construction practices

Related Services

Our industrial forensics approach combines our expertise in corrosion and concrete to support engineering firms. We help define structural condition assessments of reinforced concrete structures, evaluate historical construction for adaptive reuse, and much more:

  • Chemical analysis of construction materials for chlorides, sulfates, organic contaminants, and metals.
  • Architectural coatings, membranes, and paints
  • In-house physical tests for freeze thaw durability (ASTM C666), potential alkali reactivity of aggregate (ASTM C1260 and C1567), and porosity and chloride permeability tests (ASTM C1202).

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