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Keith P. Rickabaugh

We understand the standards and guidelines, and can assist with concerns.

Keith P. Rickabaugh Industry Contact

Numerous standards and guidelines for occupational safety & health, environmental health & safety, and infection control exist to aid in the protection of every hospital. RJ Lee Group understands these concerns and assists with those challenges.

Hospitals, Pharmacies and Hazardous Drugs

USP Chapter 797 is a set of guidelines, procedures and compliance requirements for compounding sterile preparations and applies to all hospitals and health care facilities where sterile compounding is performed. Our EH&S specialists have a thorough understanding of these guidelines and the expertise required to survey, sample, and evaluate health care environments.

From on-site activities such as environmental sampling programs and field surveys in oncology pharmacies and treatment areas, to laboratory analyses of specific antineoplastic drug chemicals, RJ Lee Group can provide a complete third-party evaluation.

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