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We provide essential support to the mining industry in their efforts to ensure worker safety and comply with environmental regulations.

Drew R. Van Orden, P.E.

We work with you to provide the essential science you need to maintain good stewardship.

Drew R. Van Orden, P.E. Industry Contact

Mineral resources help support our nation’s supply chain and enable a wide range of industries to bring products to market including, for example: cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical products, electronics, and heating and electrical systems. Mined minerals are also a critical resource for the roads, bridges, and rail systems that enable products to reach customers; and coal still contributes a significant percentage of the nation’s energy.

Worker Safety and Environmental Regulations

We provide analytical and consulting services to support operators of mining and mineral processing enterprises. We understand how critical this work is and our clients’ need for timely resolution of regulatory and environmental concerns. We offer:

  • OSHA, MSHA and EPA-mandated analytical methods for routine compliance monitoring for asbestos, crystalline silica, metals or vapors
  • Analysis of air samples for ambient, combustible and flammable gases
  • Analysis of surface and groundwater samples
  • Characterization of mine waste

How We Support Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary expertise in mineral characterization and the capabilities of our full-service laboratory enable us to support manufacturers and their product supply chain:

  • Third-party verification of raw and in-process materials to ensure they meet product specifications
  • Determination of mineral composition of mined ore, raw material and finished products
  • Characterization of ores and products for regulated minerals and/or contaminant minerals
  • Geological evaluations of mines and quarries
  • Product use simulation studies
  • Scientific litigation support for product liability, toxic tort, and other areas

Characterizing Your Minerals

Our scientists use the analytical techniques best suited to address your questions concerning the characterization of minerals:

  • X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) – phase identification
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) – elemental analysis
  • Wet chemistry techniques – gravimetric and volumetric concentration
  • Electron microscopy (SEM, TEM) – particle size, shape and elemental composition
  • Optical microscopy (PCM, PLM) – mineral identification and quantitation
  • Spectroscopy (Infrared, Raman) – particle identification

NOTE: Our technical staff and a targeted suite of laboratory capabilities are field deployable when necessary.

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