Post Disaster Assessments

The value of RJ Lee Group’s response to disaster is in the expert and objective assessment we provide that encourages stability and promotes remediation. Often dealing with chaotic situations immediately following a disaster, our response team doesn’t hesitate in moving forward to determine the nature of the impact. Whether dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina or the World Trade Center towers collapse, a train derailment or coal mine disaster, we provide the sampling and analytical support needed for post disaster assessment, including investigations for occupational health and safety and/or environmental health and safety, and to advance towards remediation.

Team Involvement

Our post disaster assessments begin with site inspection and evaluation. After reviewing current and historic site information, our team of scientists and engineers works together to determine the extent of the impact. Initial sample testing is done to validate methodology and results compared to non-impacted samples. Using these results, we propose a sampling plan designed to address potential claims and remediation options. But our involvement doesn’t end there. To ensure that everyone affected by the circumstances is aware of potential risk, we work with the client and cooperate with local, state and federal response agencies to provide needed data so that the agencies can advise responders and the public in how best to deal with any potential risk.

Clearing the Air

Physical changes in structures impact people and our environment whether they are intentional as in a building renovation or bridge demolition, or accidental as in a structural failure or a natural disaster. RJ Lee Group has extensive experience in designing and implementing dispersion and receptor modeling plans, conducting air monitoring to measure particulate matter, asbestos, dust, vapors, metals and crystalline silica, PCBs, PNAs and dioxins, and conducting environmental site assessments. Arenas in which our environmental post disaster assessment expertise is used include:

  • Physical and environmental damage assessment
    • Flood, fire, earthquake, explosion, or other catastrophic events
  • Emergency response
    • Deployable field team and mobile laboratory
    • Coordination, oversight, and logistics
    • On-site, real-time data collection
  • Environmental & materials sampling and analysis
    • Air, soil, water, and wastes
    • Source contamination apportionment
    • Particulate characterization
    • Construction materials (concrete, composites, aggregates, steel, fibers)
  • Remediation assessment, planning, and monitoring
    • Property, plant, building, and equipment assets
    • Waste stream profiling
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring
  • Root cause analysis


From Beginning to End

The expertise we provide addresses each post-disaster situation individually. The support that we bring to the table can be unilateral or as comprehensive as our client requires. Our experts partner with world-class organizations to provide seamless support in other areas such as risk assessment, structural assessment and comprehensive remediation strategies. From the initial site assessment, to the final air quality assessment, RJ Lee Group can build the team to provide post-disaster stability and remediation.

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