Material Characterization

We specialize in state-of-the-art material characterization methodologies and techniques.

Material characterization is the process of measuring and determining physical, chemical, mechanical and microstructural properties of materials. Once the properties of a given material are characterized and understood, this information can provide the higher level of understanding that is needed to resolve important issues such as cause of failure and process-related problems, as well as to make critical materials decisions.

What is Different about Material Characterization Today?

As materials and devices become increasingly complex, the methods and techniques used to study and characterize them, in-turn, need to be increasingly sophisticated.  RJ Lee Group houses one of the largest collections of electron beam instruments in the world. These instruments are capable of imaging at low magnification for surface surveys and ultra-high magnification for scrutiny of nano-scale materials and features. We also have one of the most comprehensive analytical facilities available for evaluation of organic and inorganic compounds and materials. Our materials scientists apply both standardized analytical methods and specialized application-specific advanced techniques to support technical endeavors, including:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Identification of Unknown Substances and Contaminants
  • De-formulation and Reverse Engineering
  • Material Comparisons
  • Specialized Method Development


Why Use RJ Lee Group?

We have provided expert consultation and analytical services for over 30 years, establishing ourselves as your trusted advisor in accurate data collection and information generation.

TESCAN Image of Stainless Steel Dendrite for Material Characterization

Our goal is to ensure that the most important aspect of any endeavor is to meet and exceed the client’s requirements, no matter at what stage of the product’s life cycle.

  • We routinely work with the newest material innovations, placing our staff in the best position to identify and apply advanced analytical methods and characterization techniques based on the requirements of the investigation.
  • Our experience working with advanced materials and techniques supports a more accurate interpretation of the resulting data. Accurate results lead to a better understanding of the macro-, micro- and nano-scale properties and their interactions within these advanced materials, leading to an expansion of our capabilities when studying conventional materials and components.
  • We discuss these analytical results with our clients to provide understanding of how they impact their products and then, when appropriate, provide a plan of action for quality assurance, process control and product improvement.

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