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Raw material testing and screening provides a traceable record of sample analysis and results.

Raw Material Testing

More than Just Sample Analysis

Looking at the endless array of raw materials with new characteristics and new production processes in today’s markets, we see a critical need to ensure the quality of products. Controlling the quality a product through raw material testing and sampling at the early stages of the process can determine its properties and help reduce the need for product testing in later stages avoiding costly manufacturing downtime.

Our experts support your quality control team by:

  • Providing input on product specifications
  • Conducting raw materials testing to determine how they may be affected by the process
  • Evaluating the process to determine at which points the quality of the material is most likely to be affected
  • Testing the final product to determine if it meets quality control

Working with Importers and Other Suppliers 

RJ Lee Group can assist in pre-production development and the qualification of suppliers of imported goods to verify that the component material or product satisfies or continues to satisfy requirements as originally tested and evaluated. We will work with your buyers, sourcing agents and supply chains to:

  • Define the required raw material specifications
  • Analyze material samples and provide feedback
  • Provide a solution or means of resolving raw materials issues

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