Service Towers: EH & S

Test Chamber Simulation Studies Confirm Respirator Effectiveness for Airborne Coal ...

A number of personal injury claims asserted that NIOSH-approved respirators worn by coal miners were tested using silica ...

Establishing the WTC Dust Signature: Managing Post 9/11 Environmental and ...

RJ Lee Group served as the lead scientific management team, collecting and processing more than 100,000 samples over a three-year period — the most comprehensive environmental impact study ever performed in Class-A building structures.

Industrial Plants Can Face Costly Nuisance Dust Claims

RJ Lee Group was retained by an industrial plant to investigate — and ultimately refute — nuisance dust claims. We issued an expert report and provided supporting data and a deposition testimony.

Experts Distinguish Corrosive Property Damage from Normal Deterioration

When 60 tons of chlorine gas were released in a catastrophic event, RJ Lee Group was called in to assess more than 360 property locations and 500 vehicles. Our expert testimony ultimately helped to refute unsubstantiated damage claims in the surrounding area.

Improving Laboratory Productivity at the World’s Largest Nuclear Waste Site

In 2009, RJ Lee Group was subcontracted to provide support services for the largest nuclear waste site in the world. In less than a year, we improved the on-time delivery rate by 40% and reduced testing turnaround time from 30 to 10 days.