Service Towers: Laboratory Services

Award-Winning ASCAT Technology Provides Accurate, Rapid and Detailed Inclusion Data ...

RJ Lee Group developed the ASCAT with a 1999 grant from the Department of Energy, and commercialized it in 2007. Now, instead of taking a week to complete analysis manually, the tool automatically analyzes several hundred inclusions in less than an hour.

Improving Laboratory Productivity at the World’s Largest Nuclear Waste Site

In 2009, RJ Lee Group was subcontracted to provide support services for the largest nuclear waste site in the world. In less than a year, we improved the on-time delivery rate by 40% and reduced testing turnaround time from 30 to 10 days.

Uncovering an Art Treasure’s Hidden Secret

An art collector, who owned a painting purchased by a family member from an art gallery in Europe just before the German invasion of Paris, contacted RJ Lee Group to determine when the painting had been created. The painting was signed by a well-known early 20th century artist and was true to the artist’s style, but it was not listed in the artist’s portfolio of known works. The owner wanted to determine if the painting could be the work of this artist based on its age. Our mission was to establish a timeframe in which the painting could have been created by investigating the pigments and other materials used and examining the construction of the painting.