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  • 1:29PM Dec 19, 2007
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The RJ Lee Group team at the EverGreene Technology Park in Waynesburg, PA is hard at work supporting current system deployments and developing the next generation of Air Force software systems.  The team is currently underway supporting IV&V (testing) on the recently developed Air Force Propulsion Community portal system supporting a Federated and Service Oriented Architecture approach for Engine Health Management Plus (EHM+) and Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) programs.

Upcoming releases to Air Force within the portal system scheduled for early next year include:
1.) Engine Cycle Models for F110 and F108 engines (physics-based models/algorithms maintained at Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) (Air Force Base in TN) that use engine performance/configuration data to output the engine’s performance results at steady state).
2.) Data Access capabilities / readiness from the data repository center for eight engines 3.) Reliability Predictor (RCM prognostics application predicting the engine’s Expected Time On Wing based on engine TAC).

New Contracts
Engine Management Logistics Infrastructure (EMLI) Program

RJ Lee Group was recently awarded a new million dollar contract in September 2007 for 21 month duration to subcontract with General Dynamics to develop a pilot system to evolve EMLI into the next phase for Air Force (Phase 1a).  Phase 1a includes teaming efforts with General Dynamics, GE, and P&W to implement EMLI as a pilot implementation system using a Federated approach that builds upon Phase 0, specifically for the F110 and F100 engines that are used in the F-16 and F-15 fighter aircraft.  The Air Force system will be developed and hosted within RJ Lee Group’s Data Center at EverGreene Technology Park in Waynesburg, PA and at GE Aviation facility in Ohio.

EMLI Background
The Engine Health Management+ Data Repository Center (EHM+DRC) team had previously undertaken a DoD joint initiative with General Electric (GE) and Pratt & Whitney (P&W) on developing a prototype demonstration called EMLI (Engine Management Logistics Infrastructure).  EMLI is a very high profile DARPA project (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) within Air Force providing engine prognostics revealing how much life of an engine part has been consumed and how much life remains.  The goal is to optimize maintenance schedules with increased engine “time on wing” (engine remaining on aircraft longer before overhaul is needed) and save billions of dollars in cost on the F110 (GE) and F100  (P&W) engines maintenance activities for Air Force over the long haul supporting the Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) program within DoD.  RJ Lee Group, GE, and P&W had recently completed “Phase 0” of the EMLI prototype using data from the EHM+DRC in March 2007.