RJ Lee Group’s Education Initiative Goes National

RJ Lee Group’s Education Initiative Goes National

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  • 2:28PM May 08, 2008
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WAYNESBURG, PA, May 7, 2008 – RJ Lee Group announces today that they will bring their education platform to a national level through a potential partnership with Northwest Missouri State University (NMSU).

A delegation from NMSU and the Northwest Missouri Regional Economic Development Office was present Wednesday, May 14 at RJ Lee Group’s facility in the EverGreene Technology Park in Waynesburg, PA.  The delegation has heard of our success in developing business/education partnerships, and came to gain “lessons learned” from programs already implemented through RJ Lee Group in Greene County.

“Two initiatives run through Waynesburg University (WU) and West Greene High School (WGHS) have provided exceptional educational and business opportunities to their students,” says Glenn Harmon, a vice president of RJ Lee Group.  “Our goal was to successfully cultivate relationships with government officials and the WU community to achieve student development goals not attainable by the individual entities alone.”

Improved curriculum, hands-on microscopy and web-based learning have heightened interest in the areas of science and technology among students.  Specifically, RJ Lee Group has provided financial and technical support for a microscopy center at WGHS as well as for a forensics center at WU, which is housed in the newly constructed Center for Research and Economic Development.

RJ Lee Group’s education platform was rolled out once before to the Center for Laboratory Science (CLS) in Pasco, Washington at Columbia Basin College.  CLS offers education to employment opportunities for students of CBC who are interested in pursing careers in medical, technology and science fields.  Students are trained in a hands-on environment normally not available until graduate school.

“With RJ Lee Group’s track record in Pasco and Waynesburg, we believe it’s time expand this venture,” says Dr. Richard Lee, president of RJ Lee Group.  “Our program not only fosters innovation and interest in science, it also encourages local students to utilize their skills to generate business and revenue for their communities.”

RJ Lee Group, first established in 1980 with a core group of five individuals, now has operations in five states and employs approximately 250 people who are committed to the heart of RJ Lee Group – innovation and excellence.  Technical consulting and materials characterization forms the baseline of our work, but we also excel in education advancement, software development, technology commercialization, and resource recovery.  As a result of our diverse interests and our expertise in materials science, RJ Lee Group is well positioned to identify and pursue new business opportunities as we continue to develop unique approaches to our nation’s biggest scientific and environmental hurdles.