RJ Lee Group’s CLS and Columbia Basin College Make Investment in the Future of Wine Analysis

RJ Lee Group’s CLS and Columbia Basin College Make Investment in the Future of Wine Analysis

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  • 2:22PM Jul 28, 2008
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PASCO, WA – RJ Lee Group’s Center for Laboratory Sciences (CLS), in partnership with Columbia Basin College (CBC), announces the purchase of a new, state-of-the-art ThermoFisher Konelab 20XT Arena analyzer. This automated laboratory instrument will be used primarily in the analysis of wine and juice, as well as agricultural products and byproducts. The analyzer will quicken sample turn-around time, as well as improve data processing and increase quality. Both RJ Lee Group and CBC executives agree supporting regional agriculture needs and offering improved laboratory capabilities is continuing with the mission to “value-add” to the Tri Cities economy and quality of life.

CLS experts have the knowledge to fit the needs of the viticulture industry. The laboratory’s technical staff has a proven record of using state-of-the-art techniques and instrumentation to evaluate both products and processes. Detailed reporting and adherence to the highest quality standards are core practices to all laboratory and business functions. The addition of the Konelab instrument also adds to the hands-on training of CLS laboratory technicians and CBC student interns.

“Several years ago the college and RJ Lee Group entered into a public/private partnership by forming the Center for Laboratory Sciences (CLS),” says CBC President, Richard Cummins. “CLS is dedicated to providing students with internships or work/study program opportunities in the laboratory. Students learn first hand how a modern commercial laboratory operates and are able to explore what areas of the sciences interest them most.” Students and interns both have routinely continued their studies of science at the university level or moved directly to technician positions with many of the Hanford Nuclear site contractors.

RJ Lee Group is an organization of scientific experts who provide analytical and consulting services based on extensive knowledge of materials characterization, analytical instrumentation and software development. Leading organizations come to RJ Lee Group for more than data and information; they come for an innovative approach and technical solutions developed through our commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. RJ Lee Group is built on a culture of continuous improvement, constantly developing and implementing new technologies to deliver value to its customers and enhance its core business. This philosophy has materialized into a wide range of laboratory management and sampling logistics processes that reduce costs, speed analysis, and deliver high quality analytical information to customers. RJ Lee Group has an established and successful track record developing and commercializing leading-edge technologies and managing large-scale analytical efforts.

CBC is a community college with a comprehensive mission for the mid-Columbia. Fundamentally, the college environment is one of access and opportunity, as manifested in three areas: (1) The first two years of a college education; (2) Economic development through workforce education; and (3) Basic skills education in many areas, including G.E.D. and English-as-a-Second Language. College leaders have worked to wed education and economic development through improvement of its infrastructure. The results include the addition of a new Science & Technology Center, a four-story Health Science Center, and the Moore Observatory. Together, RJLG, CLS and CBC look forward to helping build the 21st century economy to expand opportunity and access to higher education, strengthen our people, our businesses, and our way of life.