RJ Lee Group Announces Work on Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Project

RJ Lee Group Announces Work on Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Project

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  • 8:38AM Apr 29, 2009
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Twelve Mile Project Links Germany to Denmark for Improved Commuter and Economic Access

RJ Lee Group’s Niels Thaulow will continue his work in concrete analysis with the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Project, which will connect Germany to Denmark across the Fehmern Straight by 2010. The proposed 12 mile stretch of tunnel will significantly reduce the travel time between Copenhagen, Denmark and Hamburg, Germany while also alleviating strain on the island’s two other chokepoints: The Great Belt Link and the Øresund Link. 

In addition to the facilitation of commuter traffic, this link will also create a stronger regional economy in several ways. Primarily, Germany and Denmark hope to see economic improvement through increased competition in freight traffic.  The two nations additionally envision stronger educational and cultural partnerships.  Finally, the activity associated with the project’s development will strengthen the economies of both nations by providing critical employment in long-term project development for multiple agencies and firms that will consult on the project’s technical elements.

Thaulow has made significant contributions to the Baltic Sea region already with his work on the Great Belt Link and the Øresund Link.  With over 40 years in the durability of concrete experience, Thaulow will focus his efforts on the Tunnel Design portion of the Fehmarnbelt project.  Specifically, Thaulow will be tasked with developing the cement and concrete specifications that will yield a durable, high-performance concrete mix for this important link.

RJ Lee Group has been working in the field of durability modeling for nearly 10 years and currently maintains a partnership with Materials Service Life (MSL).  MSL, a concrete science and engineering firm, specializes in the extension of concrete life and the optimization of concrete components.  RJ Lee Group has been an active player in numerous high-profile durability projects, and is currently involved in creating a predictive durability model for waterfront concrete used by the U.S. Navy.