RJ Lee Group Teams with Lockheed Martin, Wins $3 Billion Mission Support Contract (MSC) at Hanford Site

RJ Lee Group Teams with Lockheed Martin, Wins $3 Billion Mission Support Contract (MSC) at Hanford Site

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  • 8:45AM Apr 28, 2009
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Pasco, Washington – RJ Lee Group is one of several pre-selected subcontractors participating in a multi-billion dollar contract to provide support services for the environmental cleanup mission at Hanford nuclear reservation. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced on April 28, 2009, that Mission Support Alliance, LLC, has been selected as the mission support contractor for DOE’s Hanford Site in southeastern Washington State.  The contract is a cost-plus award-fee contract valued at approximately $3 billion over ten years (a five-year base period with options to extend it for up to another five years). Mission Support Alliance, LLC is a limited liability company formed by Lockheed Martin Integrated Technology, LLC; Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.; and Wackenhut Services, Inc. RJ Lee Group is a small business prime subcontractor which, together with its partner firm TestAmerica Inc. assume joint operational and management responsibilities of the existing Waste Sampling and Characterization Facility (WSCF) facilities.

The MSC Analytical Services task will require operation and maintenance of the existing WSCF in a ready to serve configuration meeting Hanford Site and project mission analytical chemistry capability and capacity requirements. WSCF is an analytical laboratory complex on the Hanford Site constructed to perform chemical and low level radiological analyses on a variety of sample types and media. WSCF offers a wide range of process control, environmental, industrial hygiene, and radiological analytical services.

The Mission Support Contract (MSC) for Hanford will provide cost-effective infrastructure and site services integral and necessary to accomplish the Hanford Site’s environmental cleanup mission.  The scope of the MSC contract includes five primary functions: Safety, Security and Environment; Site Infrastructure and Utilities; Site Business Management; Information Resources/Content Management; and Portfolio Management.

Under the new contract, Mission Support Alliance, LLC will begin to transition responsibility for mission support activities beginning in May 2009. The base period of the contract will begin after the 90 day transition period and will extend through August 2014, with options to extend for up to five additional years.

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