RJ Lee Group Launches New Service for Laboratory Clients

RJ Lee Group Launches New Service for Laboratory Clients

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  • 8:35AM May 29, 2009
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(Monroeville, PA – May 29, 2009) RJ Lee Group, Inc. has recently announced the launch of its latest innovation, RJLG connect. Powered by  RJ Lee Group’s  own eLIMS (Enterprise Laboratory Information Management System), this service creates a link (or builds a bridge) between customers and the lab, thereby enhancing the customer experience by improving their access to project data.

At the direction of client services and laboratory operations,  RJ Lee Group connect was created as an online system that automates and streamlines parts of the sample analysis process.  This service eliminates the repetitive, manual work involved in entering, submitting, reviewing, and paying for sample result information.

An  RJ Lee Group connect customer can request sample analysis order by following a simple four-step process beginning with entering chain of custody information and ending in the ability to view current and historical reports in an online repository. This process was developed with feedback given by our clients during an annual review of services, and was created with significant input from all stakeholders. The end-product is a rapidly evolving service that mirrors the changing needs of  RJ Lee Group’s customers, with real time insight to the status of the analysis.

The transition from traditional paper reports will produce cost-savings to both the client and to the company, giving  RJ Lee Group more resources to provide exceptional quality work to our customers.  Key features of the service include a simplified chain of custody process and email notification to real-time status updates and report notifications.

RJ Lee Group is excited about the impact RJLG connect will have on the industry and continues to work with stakeholders and customers to refine the product and add new features.  The next releases will allow the user to view more details, including online quoting, bar coding, online payment processing, and the ability to enter even more detail at the sample level.  RJLG connect will continue to evolve to meet the ever changing demands of the industry in order to remain leaders in the business.