RJ Lee Group Assists in Developing Sampler for Collection of Nanoparticles

RJ Lee Group Assists in Developing Sampler for Collection of Nanoparticles

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  • 11:27AM Oct 12, 2012
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(MONROEVILLE, Pa., October 12, 2012) RJ Lee Group, Inc. materials characterization laboratory and industrial forensics consulting firm joined forces with Colorado State University Associate Professor Dr. John Volckens, to help commercialize a prototype device for measuring nanoparticles in the air.  RJ Lee Group’s Senior Scientist and Vice President, Mr. Gary Cassucio, Mr. John Mastovich, Project Director, and Mr. Hank Lentz, Software Developer, worked with Dr. Volkens on the device, called the thermophoretic sampler (TPS).  The TPS is a personal monitor worn in an individual’s breathing zone to capture nanoparticles so they can be analyzed to determine exposure levels. TPSApplications include the measurement of man-made nanoparticles such as welding fumes and diesel emissions as well as engineered nanoparticles, used in products such as surface coatings and hardening agents.  The TPS draws air in using a force called thermophoresis, collecting particles that can then be analyzed to determine their size, shape, and chemical structure. These attributes are used to identify the sample source and to estimate exposure levels for workers  and others who may be exposed.

RJ Lee Group’s nanoparticle research and experience with product development identified the company an ideal partner to assist in the TPS product and its commercialization. To help fund the development of the prototype, RJ Lee Group received a commercialization grant from the Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center.   Now that the prototype is finalized, RJ Lee Group and Colorado State University plan to begin testing the device in the field in order to market once these trials are successfully completed.

In the featured video, Professor Volckens, whose expertise is in aerosols and environmental health, presents a brief history of the development and use of the TPS and plans for commercialization.

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