RJ Lee Group Provides Rapid, Mobile Monitoring of Organic Contamination and Leaks Caused by Hurricane Sandy

RJ Lee Group Provides Rapid, Mobile Monitoring of Organic Contamination and Leaks Caused by Hurricane Sandy

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  • 11:31AM Nov 06, 2012
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(MONROEVILLE, Pa., November 6, 2012) RJ Lee Group, Inc.’s mobile laboratory is now available to aid in assessing and monitoring organic contaminants that may occur in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Using novel analytical technology, RJ Lee Group can support investigations associated with suspect odors, volatile toxic compounds and organic chemical releases to the environment.  The mobile laboratory can be deployed directly to sensitive areas where contamination, odors, and suspected damage exist and deliver real-time VOC monitoring data, including investigations into:

  • Flooding into confined building spaces, tunnels, and storage locations
  • Damaged chemical storage, transportation, and chemical use facilities or other areas of chemical and hazardous material release
  • Hospitals, transportation hubs, stadiums, and other high-traffic areas where large-scale public exposure to VOCs is possible

The mobile laboratory uses recently developed instrumentation called the PTR-MS, or Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometer, to provide real-time data with no sample preparation or pre-concentration.  RJ Lee Group’s scientists can then instantly analyze that data, translating it into the critical information that is needed by decision makers in government agencies, community organizations, and damage response organizations.

Providing measurements in the parts per trillion to parts per billion (ppt to ppb) range, the PTR-MS is significantly more sensitive than conventional methods of organic analysis, especially in real time.  In addition, RJ Lee Group’s mobile laboratory can be brought on site and results can be interpreted in real time, eliminating the need for collecting many single-point samples, shipping those samples off-site, and waiting for analytical results.

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