RJ Lee Group Scientists Publish Article on Airborne Asbestos Fibers in The Microscope

RJ Lee Group Scientists Publish Article on Airborne Asbestos Fibers in The Microscope

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  • 11:34AM Nov 19, 2012
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(MONROEVILLE, Pa., November 19, 2012) RJ Lee Group, Inc.’s Mr. Drew R. Van Orden, Mr. Matt Sanchez, and Mr. J. Michael Wilmoth wrote and published an article discussing the effects of sample preparation of asbestos in The Microscope.  The article, entitled “Effect of Sample Preparation on Observed Airborne Fiber Characteristics,” was published in Volume 60, Issue 2 of the publication, which is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on ideas and advancements related to microscopy.

In the publication, the authors review proposed changes to the ASTM D7200 method.  The authors state that the changes are based upon inappropriate strategies for preparing samples, and that sample preparation procedures used in some laboratories destroy key properties of asbestos.  The authors conclude that the effects of preparing samples must be considered when creating or revising analytical procedures.

Mr. Van Orden serves as a Senior Scientist at RJ Lee Group and is a Registered Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience developing asbestos analytical methods, analyzing asbestos-containing materials, and conducting studies to measure the potential asbestos release from asbestos-containing materials.  Mr. Van Orden has testified in state and federal courts in numerous asbestos cases and has published in peer-reviewed literature.

Mr. Matt Sanchez is the Manager of Analytical Services and a member of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) and Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC).  He has published in peer-reviewed literature and has years of experience in asbestos characterization and research, including characterizing amphiboles from Libby, Montana and amphiboles in chrysotile ore.

Mr. J. Michael Wilmoth is an Environmental Engineer with more than ten years of diverse engineering experience.  Mr. Wilmoth performs site assessments, field surveys, compliance monitoring, laboratory and field research studies, worker exposure simulation studies, and analytical method development.   He has also published in peer-reviewed literature.

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