RJ Lee Group’s Vermiculite Analysis Method Approved by NYS Department of Health

RJ Lee Group’s Vermiculite Analysis Method Approved by NYS Department of Health

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  • 12:15PM Jul 25, 2014
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(MONROEVILLE, Pa., July 25, 2014) RJ Lee Group, Inc., a materials characterization laboratory and consulting firm, is proud to announce that RJ Lee Group Method LAB.055.1 has been approved by the New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) for analyzing asbestos content in spray-on fireproofing containing vermiculite (SOF-V). This new method successfully determines whether SOF-V is an asbestos-containing material (ACM) in accordance with 10NYCRR 55-2.5, eliminating prior NYS DOH concerns about underreporting of regulated (commercial) and unregulated (naturally occurring) asbestos in samples of fireproofing.

It is important to note that according to New York State’s new July 22, 2014 requirements, current methods for detecting asbestos in SOF-V (198.1 and 198.6) will no longer be acceptable for analyzing those materials after October 31, 2014, at which time new methods MUST be used.

In June 2012, the NYS DOH provided guidance that the current methods for analyzing vermiculite-containing fireproofing materials may not reliably detect the presence of asbestos. In response to this issue, RJ Lee Group developed and filed a patent for LAB.055.1*, which underwent months of review before being approved by the NYS DOH on July 25, 2014.

“I believe this is a great example of effective cooperation between a regulatory group and a private organization. Together, we have solved a problem in a manner that improves the protection of public health, yet can save building owners billions of dollars in remediation costs,” said Richard J. Lee, CEO of RJ Lee Group.

RJ Lee Group has a long history of developing analytical methods related to amphibole minerals. The company’s personnel participated in drafting the Yamate method, as well as the EPA AHERA method, which was based on RJ Lee Group’s internal asbestos analysis methods.

“This kind of challenge really brings out our best work. It is exhilarating to advance the science while tackling seemingly intractable problems,” said Lee.

To view RJ lee Group’s accreditation for Vermiculite-Asbestos-Containing Material, click here.

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*LAB.055.1 is Patent Pending #13/918,071