New Staff Contribute to Expanded Analytical and Research Capabilities

New Staff Contribute to Expanded Analytical and Research Capabilities

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  • 10:26AM Jul 20, 2015
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RJ Lee Group welcomes two new senior staff members whose expertise will expand the company’s analytical and research capabilities in the identification and characterization of mineral and asbestos particles and in the fields of physical and powder metallurgy.

Bryan Bandli, Ph.D. (Geology)

Dr. Bandli, Principal Investigator, is an expert in the characterization of asbestos and mineral fibers using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). At the University of Minnesota, Duluth, where he was a laboratory manager and graduate faculty member in the Department of Geological Sciences, his work involved day-to-day management of a research instrumentation laboratory with light and electron microscopes, x-ray diffraction, and x-ray fluorescence instruments. As part of this work, he provided technical assistance to faculty, students, and staff to help achieve a wide variety of research goals.

Dr. Bandli also facilitated use of the laboratory by outside commercial interests. His research includes developing electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) techniques that are useful for the identification of mineral particulates and fibers. At RJ Lee Group, Dr. Bandli will continue to work on expanding the capabilities of the SEM for asbestos and other mineral analysis using EBSD and to serve as a subject matter expert in the fields of mineralogy, asbestos, and scanning electron microscopy.

To learn more about Dr. Bandli, please click here.

Jerry LaSalle, Ph.D. (Materials Science)

Dr. LaSalle, Principal Investigator, is an expert in XPS surface analysis and physical and powder metallurgy. His experience ranges from the development of high-volume component production of stainless steel and alloy components to powder metallurgy with extensive experience in metal injection molding. As Director of Metal Injection Molding at Polymer Technologies, he was responsible for the facilitation of the powder injection molding (PIM) production factory and developed PIM metallurgical components for diverse applications. At Alcoa Technology Center, as Materials Science Lead, his expertise included mechanical and process metallurgy for a wide variety of alloy systems, process technologies and materials markets.

At RJ Lee Group, Dr. LaSalle will be closely involved in projects such as XPS surface analysis studies, stainless steel passivation qualification, metallurgical failure analysis, additive manufacturing, and powder metallurgy consultation.