Stephanie Horner Appointed as MAAFS 2016 Criminalistics Chair-Elect

Stephanie Horner Appointed as MAAFS 2016 Criminalistics Chair-Elect

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  • 9:30AM Jul 23, 2015
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Stephanie Horner, forensic scientist at RJ Lee Group, was appointed as the 2016 Criminalistics Chair-elect for the Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (MAAFS). Stephanie will assist the 2016 Criminalistics Chair in approving and planning presentations and workshops on topics such as trace evidence, toxicology, drug chemistry, fingerprinting, and more for the organization’s annual conference next year. She will step into the position of Criminalistics Chair in 2017 after a year of training and preparation.

Stephanie’s dedication to the field of Criminal Forensics was the initial motivation for running for MAAFS Criminalistics Chair-elect.

“I believe my strong background in science will give me a deeper understanding of the presentations and workshop ideas that are submitted to the Criminalistics Chair for approval. Our laboratory focuses on gunshot residue (GSR) and distance determination, so I’ll be learning more about other topics in the field of criminal forensics. I also look forward to strengthening connections with other experts who can offer a wide variety of experience. The goal of MAAFS is to take all this information from many subjects and disseminate it to others to further everyone’s knowledge-base.”

Stephanie’s first encounter with MAAFS was as a presenter and attendee, accompanying RJ Lee Group Criminal Forensic Laboratory Manager Allison Murtha Laneve to the annual meeting. She was impressed with the members’ professionalism and enthusiasm for their fields. “They’re always happy to share information on new technology and their latest methodologies and practices. MAAFS has a real sense of community, and I’m thrilled to help circulate information and new research as Criminalistics Chair-elect.”

We congratulate Stephanie on her exciting appointment, and look forward to watching her excel in this new position.