Richard Lee, Ph.D., Interviewed for Smart Business Pittsburgh Magazine

Richard Lee, Ph.D., Interviewed for Smart Business Pittsburgh Magazine

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Dr. Richard J. Lee, CEO of RJ Lee Group, spoke recently to Jayne Gest of Smart Business Pittsburgh magazine about the company’s strides in expanding existing customer relations. Customer retention and repeat business are necessities for any company’s success, Dr. Lee explained. Although the company already has an excellent reputation for quality of work and customer service, some newly hired staff members focus specifically on customer retention and client relationships.

The largest challenge has been informing customers of all the types of analyses offered by the accredited laboratory and scientific consulting company. He went on to say, “Many projects that come through the doors are so specialized the client may not realize the wide range of expertise offered by the seven groups within RJ Lee Group. Our goal is to change that, so they realize we are basically a one-stop shop for all their problem-solving needs.”

He went on to talk about the increasing usefulness of social media and the other modern tools used to spread information about RJ Lee Group’s services to targeted audiences. These new methods of reaching out are allowing the company to meet its goals of increased collaboration with clients.

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