Amber Dalley Welcomed to RJ Lee Group

Amber Dalley Welcomed to RJ Lee Group

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amber-dalley-v2RJ Lee Group welcomes Ms. Amber Dalley as the Director of Business Development – Materials and Environmental Services Groups. Ms. Dalley’s career history began as a Research Engineer with RJ Lee Group, when she worked with scanning and transmission electron microscopy to categorize characterize materials. She went on to work as Senior Materials Engineer for Concurrent Technologies Corporation for six years, as well as holding several positions at US Steel’s Research and Technology Center over the next 18 years, including advancing to Research Consultant.

Ms. Dalley has had diverse interests since she was a child, including an enjoyment of math, physics, and chemistry that ran in her family. She majored in Electrical Engineering Technology, but in her own words, “After burning out too many circuit boards, I changed to Mechanical Engineering.”
After joining an undergraduate program to design and build a small-scale experiment to fly aboard a Space Shuttle Mission, she decided her real passion was Materials Engineering. However, as that major was not offered, she switched to Mathematics, built the experiment, and with the other student investigators, watched her experiment fly aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-4) in Utah State University’s Get-Away Special #1 Canister, she went on to major in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science in grad school.

Ms. Dalley’s real world experience with mill equipment and metallurgical failure analysis gives her a special insight into our clients’ needs.

“My primary focus was on failure analysis of mill equipment: any mill, any area. I was frequently talking with mill personnel, learning about the equipment, taking samples, then conducting the analyses needed to determine the root cause of failure, and making recommendations to prevent a future occurrence. Research personnel had a saying that stuck with me, ‘Let the steel tell the story.’ It means examine the material microstructure and its environment carefully to understand what actually occurred and why, rather than make assumptions. Let the facts guide the evaluation,” she said.

When she began her work with RJ Lee Group out of grad school, Ms. Dalley was excited to work with a large variety of materials and applications. “With their range of expertise, the personnel could solve complicated problems for clients. I am delighted to be back with RJ Lee Group. Now, working in business development, I have a chance to meet clients, learn about the challenges unique to each one, and help to craft solutions for them. We use the wide range of expertise and technology at RJ Lee Group to help clients move past roadblocks. “

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