Jason Lupoi, Ph.D. Joins RJ Lee Group as Consulting Scientist and Analytical Chemist

Jason Lupoi, Ph.D. Joins RJ Lee Group as Consulting Scientist and Analytical Chemist

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jason-lupoi-for-webRJ Lee Group is happy to welcome Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D. as a consulting scientist and Analytical Chemist for the company. Before joining us, Dr. Lupoi’s research projects mainly focused on the development of data models designed using spectroscopy coupled with other methods, such as chromatography or mass spectrometry, for the analysis of plants, and to gauge whether a specific plant, like a grass or tree, may be a good starting material for the creation of biofuels.  The spectroscopy instruments used by Dr. Lupoi provided non-destructive techniques that have enabled researchers to measure many more samples than would typically be possible, unlike chromatography and mass spectrometry, which destroy the original sample, and can require lengthy sample preparation and analysis time.  Dr. Lupoi’s projects included the comparison of three different spectroscopy instruments, and their ability to produce highly accurate data models for predicting key traits in eucalyptus and corymbia trees.

Dr. Lupoi also created a novel infrared imaging method in his past work, with the goal of utilizing a powerful focal plane array detector to rapidly shoot plant images that generated much more spectral data than was previously available. For instance, traditional staining methods often utilized to localize molecules inside a plant are non-specific and can lead to false positives. Point-map imaging suffers from lengthy acquisition times and has many moving parts.  Dr. Lupoi’s method is a more specific and faster method that localizes the expressed polymer.

Although much of his past work was with plant life, Dr. Lupoi is confident his work will translate nicely to the work performed at RJ Lee Group.

“The previously research I have done for analyzing different plants allowed me to develop expertise in vibrational spectroscopy with an emphasis on Raman spectroscopy.  Although the analytes measured at RJ Lee Group may differ, the same fundamental concepts still apply for the instrumentation.  Plus, as we begin to analyze more biologically-based samples, my skill set will mesh even more with the mission of the lab,” he said when interviewed.

Dr. Lupoi will be performing much of his work using Raman technology, a method he not only finds interesting in and of itself, but that he feels adds to his understanding of analytical chemistry. “I wanted to pursue analytical chemistry as a whole.  I knew I was keen to explore Raman spectroscopy since it was more cutting-edge when I went to graduate school, and was used on missions to Mars, which I thought was pretty cool.  Once I saw the power of the technique, I was keen to see what else it could do.  Fortunately, my research using Raman spectroscopy has permitted me to learn many other analytical techniques to add to my holsters.”

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