Steven Monaco, Ph.D., Joins RJ Lee Group as Senior Consulting Scientist

Steven Monaco, Ph.D., Joins RJ Lee Group as Senior Consulting Scientist

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RJ Lee Group is pleased to welcome Steven Monaco, Ph.D. as Senior Consulting Scientist. He will be working in a variety of materials-related projects with an initial focus on thermal analysis. For over 20 years, Dr. Monaco has led teams and projects while solving complex materials and industrial manufacturing problems. He has extensive experience in process development, project management, and product development for chemicals, metals, and fossil energy, with a broad range of work in surface science, materials synthesis and characterization, polymers and coatings, water treatment, and corrosion. He obtained significant technical and managerial experience at US Steel R&D in the areas of rolling, annealing, and steel pickling.

“Much of my time at US Steel was focused on working with production facilities to solve a wide range of chemical and materials-related problems. Our goal was to improve productivity, enhance quality, and reduce costs.  I found that having a strong understanding of the underlying processes was often a key to choosing the appropriate experiments and analytical techniques as well as interpreting complex (and sometimes contradictory) data,” he said. “I’ll be able to better relate to RJ Lee Group’s clients and their needs due to that experience.”

Dr. Monaco has also developed and patented polymer/inorganic nanocomposites to improve the base polymer’s mechanical properties such as tensile strength and toughness. “These materials can be utilized wherever strong polymeric materials are required, as in automobiles.  We synthesized hydrotalcites, which have layered structures similar to clays, and combined them with molten polymers to form nanocomposites.  We found that properties could be further improved if the hydrotalcites were delaminated, or exfoliated, into platelets before or during the mixing process to decrease their particle size.”

“My career so far has allowed me to develop expertise in a variety of technical fields.  RJ Lee Group will provide many opportunities for me to apply that knowledge and develop new areas of expertise,” he said. To learn more about Dr. Monaco, please click here.