John Lease to Work with RJ Lee Group to Offer ISO-Based EHS Program Assessment Services

John Lease to Work with RJ Lee Group to Offer ISO-Based EHS Program Assessment Services

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RJ Lee Group has announced it will be working with consultant John Lease, a highly qualified and internationally recognized Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager to offer a new international ISO-Based EHS program assessment services. John has extensive experience in deploying EHS systems for businesses across the globe, and will be working with our Occupational, Environmental, Health and Safety experts to offer evaluation and support programs designed to assess an organization’s OEHS program status.

John believes that compliance with applicable EHS laws, regulations and standards is a basic requirement for all businesses – in essence, it’s their license to operate. An EHS management system that is aligned with international standards provides a strong framework for identifying these requirements and lays out a plan for meeting them efficiently and consistently.

We spoke to him to learn more about he found most interesting about the challenge RJ Lee Group presented him. He was enthusiastic, saying, “I find the process of working with a client to develop their company’s EHS management system to be both challenging and rewarding. Working with a company or facility to develop a system that, first of all, fully meets their EHS requirements, and also provides for customization to reflect a company’s culture, resources, and operating philosophy is very rewarding.”

The Global EHS Services field represents a broadening of the technical support RJ Lee Group already offers, leveraging the company’s abilities to provide systems level support to companies to assess and solve their EHS issues.

“Often, a problem brought to the RJ Lee Group for analysis and assessment represents a symptom of a broader EHS issue that may exist within the company’s operations. Performing a system assessment to identify gaps that led to the original problem can lead to a solution that efficiently and effectively eliminates the problem. The experts at RJ Lee Group have the experience and technical capabilities to identify root causes and develop corrective actions and management systems to ensure ongoing conformance with legal and company requirements,” he continued.

John will work with the client to construct action plans designed specifically to close any program gaps found in the evaluation and assessment process. Based on these efforts, the client can be assured their subordinate operations will comply with internationally accepted expectations for EHS.

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