Adding Value Through an Effective EHS Management System

Adding Value Through an Effective EHS Management System

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Modern companies are faced with numerous international requirements related to Environment, Health, and Safety. Simply being in compliance with national EHS laws and regulations is considered minimum performance. Companies are required to demonstrate those systems and programs are in place to achieve this level of compliance at the national level in order to comply with global EHS standards. International standards related to environmental sustainability, worker health and safety, and community protection and engagement have become common, and meeting them effectively and efficiently creates business value. With ongoing expansion of these standards – representing a company’s ‘license to operate’ – implementation of focused, tailored, and structured EHS management systems is an effectual solution toward meeting these demands.

A comprehensive EHS management system begins with analysis of the company’s operational EHS aspects, followed by an assessment of impacts, which consists of a compilation of accurate and representative workplace and environmental monitoring/analysis data plus a thorough characterization of operational practices. The preparation of a customized, focused, and efficient EHS management system to mitigate impacts and meet local and international standards allows the company to demonstrate that it has those programs in place to achieve conformance with worldwide legal and societal requirements, which is often a requirement for companies to compete for business internationally.

Plan, Do, Check, Act

The foundation of any management system is the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle. For EHS, the analysis of aspects/impacts and subsequent management-system-design promotes a cost-effective solution by prioritizing those key EHS impacts that require action and engagement. EHS management systems can be established at the company level and expanded across multiple operating facilities,  reducing duplication, enhancing standardization, and reducing costs. Recurring reviews of an EHS management system ensures that the company’s programs and systems remain current and effective, and are responsive to the latest EHS requirements, standards, and norms.

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