A New Chapter of Air Quality Monitoring Has Begun…

A New Chapter of Air Quality Monitoring Has Begun…

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RJ Lee Group is proud to announce our newest teaming partner, Montrose Environmental Group. Montrose is a strategic partner for the environmental analytical services market, helping to scientifically validate Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) as an in-field technique for air quality monitoring. The company has a longstanding tradition in environmental measurement and analytical services, including chemistry and toxicology capabilities provided through both mobile and advanced stationary laboratories. Headquartered in Irvine CA, with over 50 offices nationwide, Montrose provides the perfect infrastructure to test and validate our best-in class continuous monitoring technique – PTR-MS.

RJ Lee Group has years of expertise of in-field measurements using the mobile laboratory with a PTR-MS and other real-time analytical devices; several case studies were performed to provide proof of principles, and for the last two years, RJ Lee Group has been performing continuous real-time vapor analyses using said mobile lab on the DOE Hanford site. This expertise has led to the partnership with Montrose. The two companies match very well in terms of approach to solving analytical problems, as well as the willingness and ability to explore new technologies for air quality monitoring.

Recent changes in EPA regulations and continuous increases in detection limits for laboratory instrumentation have resulted in an increased demand for high-end real-time analyses in the field. The first joint project related to exploratory testing in an industrial field-study by using FTIR and PTR-MS in tandem. A team of stack sampling experts from Montrose together with scientists from RJ Lee Group and TraceVOC have performed stack sampling analyses for a biorefinery in the Midwest. The PTR-MS instrument used for this project was a brand new Ionicon PTR-TOF-MS T-6000×2, the first of its kind in the US. The PTR-MS was integrated into a standard Montrose stack sampling trailer equipped with an FTIR and auxiliary instrumentation.

The T-6000 has shown to be the ideal tool for exploratory investigations on process chemistry changes and implications on air emissions with detection limits for most compounds in the low ppb level. This was especially difficult due to the particular nature of the sample streams – all were delivered at 150°C to the instrument, some had up to 50% moisture, others contained percentage concentrations of volatile organics. The combined team successfully accomplished the appropriate sampling design on site. The customer is planning follow-up measurements in June, as well as on other sites.

A newly built mobile laboratory will house the T-6000 to be used in future air quality monitoring projects, either for ambient measurements, such as fence line monitoring and vapor intrusion investigations, or for challenging air streams from stack sampling and equivalent.