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Ready to Serve the Hanford Site though Safe Flow

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Rich J. Lee, Founder and CEO
“We are excited to be given this opportunity to serve the Department of Energy and people of eastern Washington. RJ Lee Group and Westinghouse Government Services is uniquely positioned to meet or exceed the Department of Energy’s needs at 222-S Laboratory. We bring experience in commercial and government laboratory services; commercial and DOE nuclear operations; analytical support for critical national infrastructure; innovative analytical technique development; and methods development for multiple Hanford analyses.”
A. Paul Ioannidis, CES, CTS, Ph.D., 222-S Laboratory Manager
“RJ Lee Group, along with Westinghouse Government Services, is ready to serve the Department of Energy and Hanford contractors in achieving their Hanford cleanup mission commitments. Our team is committed to reduce costs to Hanford contractors, reduce turnaround times, and keep the 222-S Laboratory off the critical path of Hanford contractors. We look forward to growing the capabilities of our staff and providing them with a modernized and integrated Laboratory Information Management System and a Computerized Maintenance Management System. We commit to full visibility of our performance to our clients and the DOE.