Application Development for Automated SEM

RJ Lee Group’s Columbia Basin Analytical Laboratories (CBAL) specializes in developing automated scanning electron microscopy (SEM) applications and analytical method development based on customer requirements. Past applications have ranged from automated analysis of cement to the identification of fracture failures in nuclear industry materials.

Application Development for Air Analysis (PTR-MS)

CBAL scientists are experts in proton transfer mass spectrometry, and have developed applications for this instrumentation that are used throughout the industry. The applications being developed at CBAL are making a significant impact in the industrial hygiene and environmental volatile organic compounds (VOC) industries, as well. The laboratory is the sole U.S. distributor for cutting-edge Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometers (PTR-MS) from IONICON Analytik, the global leader in automated air analysis equipment.

Analytical Method Development Projects

CBAL’s staff offers a unique skill set, coupled with innovative methodology and supported by the laboratory’s advanced instrumentation. These capabilities provide expertise for a wide range of diverse projects. For instance, CBAL’s working relationship with the DOE Hanford site’s vitrification mission has resulted in projects that include:

  • Microscopy in support of tank waste modelling
  • Rotary microfiltration testing
  • Cementitious waste form development
  • Particle size determination for in-situ sampler evaluation
  • Development and synthesis of alternative materials for technetium remediation
  • Parametric testing of ion exchange media for cesium remediation