Integrating Nanotechnology Into the Life Sciences: Lessons Learned

Publication Information:

Bunker, K.L., J. Wolfe and L. Wu, “Integrating Nanotechnology into the Life Sciences: Lessons Learned”, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology, Review Article, Vol. 5(1), pp. 1583-1596, 2012.

Year: 2012

Topics: Nano-characterization, Quality Control

Nanomaterials are becoming increasingly important to the life sciences industry; accordingly it is imperative that they are thoroughly understood.  The regulatory landscape must be navigated in order to mature a nanotechnology product in the life sciences industry.  However, the nanotechnology community, such as government agencies, industry, and academia tend to have different standards, meaning that issues must be addressed, such as nanotechnology safety, quality control measures, sample preparation and analysis selection, and using nanomaterial characterization in improving products and processes.  Specific examples are needed to understand these challenges and the solutions to them.