Technology Development


Themis is forensic LIMS software that increases accuracy and saves time and money for your lab or property room. Themis is installed on site and supported by RJ Lee Group. Contracts for recent installations include international forensic facilities.


STADIUM® – Service Life Prediction of Concrete Infrastructure

In collaboration with SIMCO Technologies, RJ Lee Group co-developed the STADIUM® concrete service life software. It is the only service life prediction software recognized and specified by the U.S. Navy.

Raw Materials Quality Assessment: Heavy Liquid Separation Process

In an effort to assess the quality of raw materials in batches of powdered superalloy metals, RJ Lee Group developed a patented process to separate their contaminants. When using this separation process, products that were formed from pre-qualified materials have both reduced and more accurately predicted failure rates resulting in an extended and safer product service life.

Seeing It All: Automating the Scanning Electron Microscope

RJ Lee Group combined a scanning electron microscope (SEM), x-ray analyzer (EDS) and intelligent software to create CCSEM (computer-controlled scanning electron microscopy). Using this technique, called the IntelliSEM, large numbers of individual particles can be located, sized and characterized efficiently. We also developed the patented Personal SEM (PSEMTM 1) first-generation integrated SEM/EDX system and the ASCAT – Automated Steel Cleanliness Analysis Tool for comprehensive inclusion analysis as part of process monitoring for steel production.

1 “Personal SEM” and “PSEM” are both registered trademarks of ASPEX Corporation


Delta-Energy Tire Recycling

Delta Energy was born in 2001 as a subsidiary of RJ Lee Group. Our scientists developed a patented process to break down scrap-tire rubber into high-value products such as carbon black and petroleum products, such as solvents and oils. In 2006, Delta-Energy became a privately held, independent company and in 2007 it was the first company to commercialize recovered carbon black-based product made from scrap rubber.

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