Values & History

Our Mission

RJ Lee Group is committed to being recognized as the industry leader in providing innovative solutions to challenges in materials characterization, forensic engineering, and information management. We use our scientific expertise, instrumentation and technology together with a collaborative spirit to stimulate inquiry and solve complex problems. Our challenge is to continually advance science, to be the leader in our field, and to steadily strive for excellence in our contributions to our clients and to our community.

Our Values


The strong foundation principle that ensures honesty and accountability.



The defining principle we demand of our work and require of our results.



The principle of commitment and responsiveness to our clients.



The generosity of scientific spirit that is the hallmark of our investigations.


What We Saw – What We See

As the founding member of RJ Lee Group, Rich Lee saw economic downturn and the dissolution of an R&D department as an opportunity to fulfill a dream. He pushed the envelope. Research tools were quickly transformed into a commercial laboratory offering unheard of turnaround time for needed analytical services. But it didn’t stop there. The Group saw numerous industries struggling with materials issues and environmental health and safety concerns and ways to address them. And so we did. Service options expanded and RJ Lee Group’s footprint increased nationwide.

RJ Lee Group envisioned the demand for new products and the materials and testing that would be required to take them to market. We envisioned the tools that would be needed to verify their quality in a competitive environment. We have always been thinking about changing technologies, innovation, collaboration and solutions to advance science.

We saw the government in need of research studies in order to better understand how to serve and protect the American people. And so RJ Lee Group contracted with the Departments of Defense, Energy, Health, and the Environmental Protection Agency to develop analytical methods and tools, study environmental impact and increase product service life.

We saw the need for new laboratory tools beyond our walls. The Personal Scanning Electron Microscope (PSEMTM 1) revolutionized state crime laboratories and introduced industry and educators to a new easy-to-use and affordable scientific tool. Laboratory automation and LIMS products reached far beyond what was previously possible.

In the beginning and throughout the years the people at RJ Lee Group have been the driving force. Their dedication and commitment to advance science – to take us beyond where we are today – have propelled the company to horizons beyond our expectations. And just as materials are transformed to products, our people have transformed beyond the expectations they set for themselves.

We continue to see what Rich Lee saw at the time he founded the company: a need to revolutionize the materials, products and laboratory tools that are used today, to advance science beyond our imagination, all the while offering solutions that satisfy the circumstance. We accept the challenge and make it ours. Together we see and embrace the future.

1 “Personal SEM” and “PSEM” are both registered trademarks of ASPEX Corporation.